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About L'Atelier

For more than four decades, L’Atelier has worked to understand the ways that emerging technologies impact society.

Our Mission

We have seen how the technologies considered socially essential have become increasingly complex. We identify and contextualise future market opportunities and challenges that emerge from technological and societal change. We explore the big questions that will transform our world through data-driven research and visual storytelling. We are part of BNP Paribas Group.

How we do it


We take a nuanced view of change. We do not focus on specific industries, customers or technologies, but on the new environments and needs made possible through technology. Our frameworks do not consider events in isolation or in a linear fashion. We assume that the consequences of events will be different depending on where and when they occur.

The Next Decade

We consider the next decade. Foresight is by its nature a mission of considered estimate. We don’t aim to precisely forecast single events. Instead we create numerous possible worlds within which the future will exist. In doing so, we can estimate an expected range and probability of consequences, and the timing for a particular action.

Real Meets Virtual

We explore the convergence of real and virtual environments. We believe the most profound changes are surfacing where the internet, data, computing and alternate reality technologies intersect with society and the market — creating a universe of new economic and social opportunities and challenges.

Our Approach

We have developed proprietary tools and conceptual frameworks to consider the evolution and manifestation of change. We consider the consequences of second- and third-order events within a range of future environments. L’Atelier creates two styles of prospective analysis, Insight and Foresight. Our Insight identifies weak signals on the fringes of society and emerging technology and extrapolates their growth into the future. Our Foresight imagines what the future might look like and how it is likely to impact our lives. 

We use design fiction and visual storytelling to imbue our analysis with depth and nuance. All foresight is part science, part science fiction, part philosophy. We build future narratives in collaboration with designers, sci-fi writers, technologists, scientists, social scientists and journalists. We draw inspiration just as easily from Ancient Greece as from an applied research lab in Silicon Valley.

Our Team

John Egan


Prior to joining L'Atelier, John was the CEO of Swiss network, Sandbox, and led the institutional business at the London-based VC Anthemis Group. He has authored a number of books and reports on foresight in the financial industry. John is originally from Ireland and is an alumnus of University College Dublin, Dublin City University and King's College London.

Nadya Ivanova


Nadya leads operations and foresight at L'Atelier. Previously, she identified early-stage investment opportunities at the London-based VC Anthemis Group. She is an award-winning journalist with expertise in global resource disruptions and experience on four continents. Nadya is originally from Bulgaria and is an alumna of Northwestern University, the LSE and Sciences Po.

Giorgio Tarraf

Technology Intelligence Director

Giorgio investigates opportunities in emerging technology. Previously, he advised diplomats at the UN in New York and co-founded a non-profit that preserved 120 landmarks in his native Beirut. Giorgio holds an MSc & MBA with distinction from the University of Oxford, an MA from the Lebanese American University, and a BS from the American University of Beirut.

Aurore Geraud

Senior Researcher

Aurore joined L’Atelier in 2012 as a journalist and managing editor, before becoming an analyst with the company’s consulting and acceleration units. Today, she uses her investigative skills to research emerging technologies and their unforeseen opportunities. Originally from France, Aurore is an alumna of Sorbonne Nouvelle & University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis.

Nathalie Béchet


Nathalie supports L’Atelier’s research and identifies emerging market challenges and opportunities through qualitative and quantitative data extraction and analysis. She is originally from France and has a Master’s in Anthropology from Université Paris Nanterre and a Master’s in Data Science and Digital Sociology from Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée.

Laetitia Le Prince

Team Assistant

Laetitia is the team and HR assistant at L'Atelier. Prior to joining L’Atelier, she worked as an executive assistant in several large media companies, including JCDecaux and Bolloré. Laetitia is originally from France and studied Art History and Archaeology at L'Ecole du Louvre.


Our work considers the challenges and opportunities that will emerge when new technology transforms society. We explore the space where the real and virtual environments converge.

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