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We're a foresight company.

We identify future market opportunities and challenges in digital and virtual domains through research, analysis, and exploratory fiction.

We make sense of tomorrow, today.

Our work considers the challenges and opportunities that will emerge when new technology transforms society. We explore the space where the real and virtual environments converge.


The Virtual Economy - An exploratory deepdive

The Virtual Economy is a system of sophisticated platforms, fledgling marketplaces, skilled nixers, volatile assets, and ambitious pioneers that exist uniquely in virtual environments.


Will - A tale about the price of privacy

Our privacy is determined by the choices we make every day. We have created Will, a fictional virtual assistant set 10 years in the future, to explore the future privacy implications of our current decisions.


Strativerse - The creation of unseen worlds

The "Strativerse" refers to the layers of Mixed Reality (MR) that will exist on top of our existing analogue world. Facilitated by IoT, MR hardware and data streams, a new universe is emerging, visible only to those with hardware to perceive it.

Our team

We are an interdisciplinary team of economists, journalists, scientists and researchers interested in the consequences of technological and societal change.

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